Global Franchisor Tour MEXICO 2016

38th International Franchise Fair

March 3 – 5, 2016 – World Trade Center, Mexico City

“How Would You Like To Expand Your Business By Selling Your Franchises In Mexico?”

Dear Franchisor,

If you are looking to expand your franchise concept into Mexico. You are cordially invited to accompany the Global Franchisor Team on an exclusive visit to the most well-known Franchise event in Mexico City…

By attending “Global Franchisor Tour – Mexico 2016,” you will join a handful of select franchisors and our “Tier One” support team in a once in a life time experience.

You will be fully supported with facts, data and face to face interaction with motivated and qualified prospects. And more importantly the expertise of the Global Franchisor Team!

Not only will reap the benefits of attending the international Franchise Fair, you will be assisted by a team with over 2 decades of experience in facilitating the process of helping major franchise brands expand in Latin America.

 “I’ve prepared THE most complete 5-day experience

of franchising in Mexico ever created.”

-Sandro Piancone (Founder, Global Franchisor)

Regardless of your experience level of franchising in Mexico, we GUARANTEE your experience during this 5-day intensive will be worth hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars to your bottom line.

Sandro Piancone

Your host & Chief “Mexpert” officer

Since 1998, I’ve generated well over $500 million in sales and profits for my clients and partners helping them export their products into Mexico.

Take advantage of these “A” list benefits:

  • Participate in a one-day “Breakthrough Sessions” that focuses strictly on you and the viability of your company franchising in Mexico.
  • Discover the 3 Things you absolutely need to do before you start franchising in Mexico.
  • Obtain detailed and privileged information on franchising in Mexico.
  • Expand your contacts with the Mexican franchise community and investors.
  • Find out about logistics tips, product labeling requirements, and trademark lessons for a smooth transaction of your good and equipment across the border.
  • Become well-informed about franchises that are readily marketable in Mexico.

How do you put a value on an event like this?

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One Day “Breakthrough Seminar” in [location]                $1500

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One-on-One Consulting with “Mexperts”                          $25,000

linea 2

Hotel and Airfare                                                                   $3,000

linea 2

Food and Beverages                                                              $500

linea 2

Translators                                                                              $500

linea 2

Appointments with potential investors                              $7,000

linea 2

Private Conference Rooms                                                   $500

linea 2

Top Tier Security Service                                                       $3,000

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Franchise Tour in Mexico City                                              $500

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TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE                                                         $41,500

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GOLD PACKAGE (Airfare, Hotel, and Meals NOT Included)







Get exclusive access to the largest International Franchise Fair in Latin America. The Franchise International Fair promises to give your access to over 40,000 investors and entrepreneurs looking for franchise opportunities.

By attending Global Franchisor Tour Mexico 2016, you are guaranteed to get face to face with qualified and interested investors and prospective franchises. On top of that, we will provide you with English to Spanish translators, to make sure that your business negotiations will go smoothly! That alone can save you tens of thousands of your time and travel!

Your franchise is guaranteed to grow if you know exactly how and where to look for potential franchises. Mexico is among very few countries that offer an extraordinary opportunity for franchise leaders like you, to expand your ventures exponentially.

This Franchisor Tour is an international event that hosts esteemed companies and key players in the industry, globally known for their market competency.

Let’s Dive Into What Your All-Inclusive Event Package Will Include:

Our Tier One team of “Mexperts” have prepared the following detailed itinerary filled with FIRST CLASS accommodations for your tour:

  • Secure transportation service with first-class accommodations to the airport.
  • First-class accommodations for round trip air travel from Tijuana and Mexico City.
  • Executive suites provided by Crowne Plaza De Mexico (DAKOTA: 95 COL. NAPOLES DEL. BENITO JUAREZ, MEXICO DIF-03810, Mexico)
  • 3 days passes with entrance to the international Franchise fair, the largest franchise show in all Latin America.
  • Guided tour package to visit some of the most successful franchise restaurant concepts on Mexico and a whole lot more!
  • Meals will be provided (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
  • Nightly seminars of different subjects on selling and franchising to Mexico.
  • Hear from industry experts about the opportunities to franchising and exporting in Mexico.
  • Conference activities that will showcase the most wanted franchises in Mexico.
  • Private conference room at the trade show and the hotel for private one on one meetings with buyers.
  • Convenience in travelling to and from Mexico, and touring Mexico City by means of a limousine bus.

“You will get Unprecedented ACCESS to my team and

me, as well as other “Key Players” in the market…”

                               -Sandro Piancone

My team and i are the franchise “Mexperts” in Trademarks, HS Classifications, NOM Labeling Requirements, Logistics, Brand Management, Sales and Marketing, and Advertising Specialists, ALL WITH over 20 years’ experience in the Mexico market, ready to answer all of you questions.

In addition to having increased access to my entire team and me, you’ll also have access to other players in the industry. i don’t want to be a “name-dropper”, but i can promise you that a number of “Big Game” franchisors, international franchise experts, investors, and prospective franchises will be in attendance. Not just to hangout and network… but also to exchange game-changing information to help you exponentially grow your business…

Hotel and Event

Crowne Plaza de Mexico


DIF – 0381O, Mexico



I see on the TV that Mexico is not safe, should i be worried?

We completely understand your concerns, there are parts of Mexico which are not safe to travel in, but not Mexico City. And to make everyone comfortable, we will have private security on all bus trips to and from the airports plus the day of the store tours.

Who should attend?

Are you a Franchisor looking to expand your franchise in Mexico? But, you don’t have a firm grasp on the Mexican market or how to navigate the complex laws, regulations, and buyer habits… you are cordially invited to join us on this exclusive trip! we guarantee you will return with the ALL the information you need about Mexico, it’s business, import and export activities, client acquisition and logistics…

Who is already attending?

The following companies have already invested to attend:

  • Firehouse subs
  • Villa Restaurant Group
  • Quizno’s
  • II Pizzologo, Gourmet Pizza Truck and commissary

Who exactly will I have the opportunity to meet?

Potential investors who will be interested in master franchise areas, regional areas and single store franchises. We also work with most of the top franchise groups in Mexico.

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